Will You Be Our Photographer on the Wedding Day?

Photographer Questionnaire


"Will you personally be photographing our wedding, or will it be someone else from your team?"

How Do You Ensure All Key Moments Are Captured? 


"What steps do you take to make sure all important/candid moments and special requests are photographed during our wedding?"

Before booking your photographer, be sure to ask them a few important questions. We believe these are crucial to ensure everything is perfect for your big day!

Can We See a Complete Wedding Gallery?


"Can we review a full gallery from a recent wedding you’ve photographed to get an overall feel of your work?"

Do You Offer Engagement Sessions? 


"Do you include engagement sessions in your packages? 

Will You Have an Assistant or Second Photographer?


"If so, what is their role during our wedding?" "How often do you work with them?" "Can I see their work?"

What Is Your Backup Plan in Case of Emergencies?


"What contingency plans do you have if you are unable to attend our wedding due to illness or an emergency?"

Do You Bring Backup Equipment? 


“Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues with your primary gear?" “How do you protect/backup our images after the wedding is over?”

When Can We Expect to See Our Photos?


"What is your typical turnaround time for delivering the wedding photos? Do you provide sneak peeks?"

How Many Weddings Do YoU Photograph in a Weekend? 


"How many weddings do you generally cover in a single weekend? We want to ensure you are not overbooked and can focus on our beautiful day.”

What Will You Wear on Our Wedding Day?


"Can you tell us what you typically wear to weddings?” “Do you wear sneakers and jeans?” “Do you match the formality of the wedding?” 

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Remember, these questions are just the beginning. Capturing your wedding moments is incredibly important. Our goal is to ensure you have a successful and memorable wedding photography experience, even if you choose not to book with us.